For reasons of convenience and cost- effectiveness, most businesses look for a company that offers a complete, comprehensive range of Internet services.

So, in addition to designing and building great websites, Webworkers offers its clients a range of related Internet services.

And, in helping you get the most "bang for your buck", we offer some of these services to you free or "at cost".

Domain Registration

An Internet domain (like is your "address" on the web. Your web address brings visitors to your website from around the corner or around the world.

Some reasons to have your own Internet domain are:

    It's short and memorable

    You can have a website without having your own Internet domain, but your web address will be something like:


    (Try saying that fast three times.)

    But, with your own domain, your address will be something as simple as:


    It's your "identity" on the web

    Beside being easy to remember, having your own domain is important, because your website address is your identity on the Web. It tells people who you are and, often, what you do.

    Some familiar (and effective) website addresses are, and

    It's permanent and consistant

    This allows you to keep the same address and print it on your business cards and literature, without worrying about having to reprint, if you later change your Internet service provider or website host.

    It says you're serious about online business

    Your own domain and domain e-mail address tells your present and potential customers that you are looking to the future and that you're serious about doing business online.

FREE Domain Name Search

Without charge or obligation, we will:
  • search the Internet domain database to determine if your choice of domain name is available.

  • promptly report the results of our search to you. (usually within one day.)

  • help you choose a domain by suggesting names which identify your business and are memorable and easy to spell.

"At Cost" Domain Registration

Whether we register your domain for you before or after we design your website, with every website or e-mail account we charge you only the "at cost" one year domain registration fee.

Website Hosting1

Hosting provides the computer storage for the files that make up your website. This allows visitors to have access to your website all day, every day.

Webworkers offers affordable website hosting on our state-of-the-art web servers using high quality, high speed data lines and advanced server software.

All of our website hosting includes:

  • Server space for your entire website2

  • 3 FREE Domain e-mail boxes (addresses)3

  • Up to 3 custom e-mail autoresponders

  • Fast access into the major Internet backbone

  • Multiple T3 connections

  • High-speed Unix web servers

  • Daily tape backup of your data

  • On-site UPS power backup

  • 24-hour monitoring

  • 99% uptime
1 hosting additional to website design fee.
2 subject to server space and bandwidth limitations.
3 additional e-mail boxes or e-mail forwarding are also available.

Domain E-mail Boxes

Even if you don't need a website, or before you get your website, you can have an e-mail address at YOUR domain.*

Your e-mail address could be something like: or

And, with or without a website, an unlimited number of additional e-mail boxes, aliases and/or e-mail forwarding are available. (Multiple address discounts are also available.)

*Domain registration is not included. "At Cost" registration is available with your website or e-mail account.

Search Engine Listings

It's important that present and potential customers find you on the Web. So, without charge, we will register your website with these 7 top search services:

  • Yahoo! *
  • AltaVista
  • Excite
  • Lycos
  • Google
  • MSN

* Registration fee required by Yahoo!.

Please contact us for a no cost, no obligation consultation to discuss your future Web plans.

We hope to have the opportunity to help you bring the power and cost-effectiveness of the Web to your business - NOW.

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